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REP 1 Sports understands athletes… their needs, their interests, their goals.  We understand what it takes to play at the highest level…  the ability, the heart, the sacrifice. We get it… we live it.  We are driven by the same competitive spirit.

REP 1 athletes value the integrity of their representatives.  They appreciate consistent honesty.  They feel like an important part of a family.  The attention and accessibility that REP 1 offers as a midsize agency makes a difference to them.  The 65 plus years of combined experience, record-breaking contracts and deep network of relationships give them confidence.  The innovative, passionate approach resonates with their interests.  And the relationships are real, loyal and lasting.

The concept behind the name REP 1 is to represent each athlete as if they are the only client.  The logo speaks to the athletes REP 1 represents – athletes who play for something greater than themselves… their faith, traditions, people who love and support them. 

This is a family-owned business, and upholding the integrity of our family name is of the utmost importance.  There is no gray area between right and wrong in the way we operate.  We guide and advise each client to the best of our ability, attempting to enrich their lives far beyond their sport.

We value the dream to play professionally.  We hold dearly our responsibility to maximize that opportunity for each and every athlete we commit to.  We also recognize the tremendous impact professional athletes can make in the lives of others, and guide our athletes to this fulfillment.  REP 1 works tirelessly for our athletes’ success, in sport and in life.




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